Guest Rules and Fees

Rules & Regulations
Members are only allowed one Local Guest per court during Season between the hours of 8:00am and 12:30pm.
All Guests must pay a fee before play.
  • $10.00 per person from open to 12:30pm for a day pass
  • $5.00 per person from 12:30pm to close  for an afternoon pass
  • $25.00 2 Week Pass 
  • $50.00 1 Month 
  • $100.00  3 Months
  • $150.00 6 Months
Guest fees are waived for the following special situations:
  • Members whose grandchildren are under age 16 may book a court in non-prime time without paying a Guest fee. The sponsoring Member or an        adult Guest 18 or over must be present.
  • Participants in a special event authorized by the Director may have their Guest fees waived at the discretion of the Director.
  • Members with children whose primary residence is with their parent(s) who are Members in Pelican Marsh or who are attending school or college      may have their Guest fees waived.
Guest fees will also be waived for all communities on the reciprocal list providing the following are adhered to:
  • The reciprocal program is subject to annual review by the Board with the input and recommendation from the Tennis Advisory Committee.
  • A reciprocal program does not give other communities court booking privileges.
  • Sponsoring Members must initiate a booking.
  • Players from reciprocal facilities must be invited to play by a sponsoring Member.
Please call the Court Sports pro shop at 239.514.3200 for further details and questions.

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