Tennis Ball Recycling Program

Thanks to Beth DiFrank’s initiative and James Bacon’s initial sponsorship, Pelican Marsh Tennis Community is part of the Recycle Balls program powered by Wilson. Tennis Balls take 400 years to decompose. In the USA, 125 million tennis balls end up in landfills each year creating 20,000 tons of non-decomposable waste per year, equivalent to a 60-mile-long waste.
The program got started in July, 2021. So far, an estimated 8,600 used tennis balls have been shipped to Recycle Balls in Vermont. Johann Saurbier, Pelican Marsh Courts Director, estimates that our community will ship a total of 10,000 used tennis balls per year toward this recycling program.
There are 2 recycle bins.  One is located next to the ice machine and the other in the Pro Shop.  PLEASE join this mission and help save the planet one ball at a time.

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