Community Development District (CDD) - Basic Info

The CDD Supervisors are elected to the CDD board by residents who are also Registered Voters. This is a different requirement than for the election of the Foundation Directors.

The Pelican Marsh Community Development District is not just the Pelican Marsh we know, it  also includes Tiburon.

The CDD provides and maintains the gate houses and related personnel, as well as privacy patrols.
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Landscape Program:
The landscape maintenance program at Pelican Marsh is accomplished with two things in mind. These two things are beautification of the property and regard to proper horticultural practices. The landscaping is composed of living and built elements, which are preserved naturally and are effectively combined to enhance the total environment of the area.
It is recognized that the use of landscaping elements can enhance the aesthetic environment, provide shade and cooling, aide in channeling traffic, and provide scenic views and at the same time contribute to air purification, oxygen regeneration, noise absorption, and glare reduction. The District strives to accomplish all of these aspects with in the set budget allocation. If you have any questions or comments you may contact Rosendo Garcia, Landscape Director, at 592-5181 extension #5.

Access Control:
Pelican Marsh residents can obtain gate transponders for their vehicles by calling the CDD and making an appointment. 239-592-5181.  Directions to the transponder lot are on the map below.
For more information on this process or other CDD related issues please call (239) 592-5181 Ext. 1
Access Control Manager - James A. Calamari  (239) 592-5181 Ext. 2

Street Lighting:
The District owns and maintains the streetlights through out Pelican Marsh with the exception of streetlights in various private communities within Pelican Marsh. These lights provide a means of night time security and a way that the residents may take evening walks through out the roads in Pelican Marsh.

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